1/72 the Scale.


We are a team of modelers who enjoy life to the fullest and have dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality model kits of model ships and accessories in small series as a part-time job.

The focus is on the units of the former Warsaw Pact rarely seen on the pond, but also their opponents. And all of this is done in the scale 1/72, which is still very common internationally, such as the Australian TF72. The reason for this is the reasonable size of the models, also of smaller units, the better handling of the weight and better stability on the water. Additional reasons are also the good detail and availability of kits from well-known manufacturers, such as Revell or Hasegawa, for on-board helicopters and their crew.

But we also want to launch accessories for the widespread scale of 1/100 and their models here in this country. We also work on English models and accessories in the scale of 1/100 in order to get a greater variety on the pond.

In order to achieve these goals and the best-possible results, we conduct fundamental research that can sometimes amount to several years. And we are also dedicated to using the latest technologies, but also old conventional methods in the development and manufacture.


Martin Priehn

Owner and operator of this website.